It’s a little disturbing how much the world is intrigued and even offended by Alicia Keys’ #nomakeup decision. Wearing no makeup is an option that real women all over the world decide each and everyday, so why is it so controversial?

Alicia Keys hasn’t condemned anyone who chooses to wear makeup, she just decided it wasn’t for her. Just like how some women choose to wear weave in their hair, and others choose to  wear their own hair. No one is telling any woman that she should be wearing weave or that she shouldn’t be wearing weave. Or at least I haven’t heard anything like that in my circles.

We make our own decisions about our appearance everyday, so how did it become controversial to choose a clean face over a decorated one?

I love how Tamera Mowry-Housley, on an episode of “The Real”, said she feels most beautiful when she isn’t wearing any makeup. She didn’t grow up seeing her mother put makeup on and she feels most like herself when she is at home wearing no makeup and her natural hair.

What a beautiful message she learned without a verbal statement. Her mother’s message was clear, “no makeup necessary”. Or at least that’s how I imagine it.

I mean no disrespect to those who enjoy the wonderful art of makeup. I myself have enjoyed the overtaking of social media makeup tutorials and I wear a basic 5-minute face most days.

However, I believe we are in a time where we as humans, are desiring to claim our unadulterated selves as beautiful. Whether that means our natural bodies, our natural faces, or our natural hair etc. We are owning our whole selves.

Everywhere I turn I see black women sporting their kinks, coils and curls. We are finally beginning to see plus-sized women represented in TV, movies and in the Fashion industry. And though there are still struggles within these communities, there is a lot of support and praise being given to those who are participating in the movement.

Women everywhere are coming out of their shells and it feels liberating that we don’t have to hide, or be anything that we don’t want to be. So when I read this article I was shocked that the author was basically attributing Alicia Keys’ beautiful natural face to her wealth and ability to obtain special treatments and skin care products. I found the article to be utterly unnecessary, unproductive, a hindrance to our progress and offensive.

To imply, that only those that are wealthy can achieve Alicia Keys’ level of natural beauty, is wholly untrue and damaging to the psyche of the modern natural woman. Alicia Keys just made a statement, that gave women everywhere permission to step out of the norm and be authentic. I worry that women who have read that article, will determine they are not beautiful enough to go without makeup, and everything that Alicia Keys gave us will be undone.

Let’s take a look at the “highly coveted” list of beauty items that Alicia Keys’ makeup artist supposedly uses to make her face look flawless. Most of these items I have not used, but I have comments ;).

  1. Iced Jade Roller $25- Tell me exactly what a jade roller will do that some ice, or a frozen spoon won’t.
  2. MV Organic Skincare, 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic (anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant rich) $90I think I’ll stick with coconut oil (77 coconut oil uses)
  3. MV Organic Skincare, Pure Jojoba Oil $42I do love Jojoba oil for my hair so it is worth the buy but there is a much cheaper alternative to this product available for $10 on Amazon.
  4. Éminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Masque $54- Your diet and the amount of water you drink, will “bigley” (trumpisms) influence the health of your skin . There are other natural masks that you can make using household items and for much less than the cost of this product. (22 remedies for acne & blemishes)
  5. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask $135- Now, if it is totally worth it for you to go broke spending your money on masks that are way outside of your budget, go for it! But like I said, many of your facial products could be replaced with natural products that you can make with stuff you often have in your home. (see above list)
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Pencil $23- They claim that Keys is using this to enhance her lashes and her freckles, therefore cheating and actually wearing makeup. But once again, do you! If you feel like smudging eyeliner into your lash line to add some definition, no one will stop you! Eyeliner can be found in any drugstore for $.99, but don’t let me keep you from your high-end eyeliner. Eyeliner is not necessary to achieve a flawless face, nor do I truly believe that Keys is going back on her word and wearing eyeliner, eyelashes and pencil to enhance her face.
  7. Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti-Age Serum $45- Self tanner used to replace foundation. Clever, but there is also a thing called the sun, and with the help of sunscreen, you can achieve a healthy warm glow to your skin. But maybe I take this tool for granted, considering I am melanated to a medium brown.
  8. Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender $40- Finishing powder used to minimize pores and achieve a matte finish with no shine. This is simply a perk and definitely a necessity for on-screen and on stage personalities. Shiny faces don’t film well, so you’ve got her on this one!


For me, this list did nothing but invalidate the fact that Alicia Keys is beautiful without all of the extra stuff, and you are too! It’s fine if you like chocolate syrup, nuts and sprinkles on top, but always remember that ice cream tastes delicious without all the extra toppings too. Don’t blow your budget, or waste your money on those expensive products seeking something that you already have; beauty.

If you want to treat yourself to an extra facial treatment, or a spa day, go for a budget friendly option. If you are feeling not so pretty because of an uneven complexion, consider your diet first and go for a natural remedy. I know the pressures to be beautiful can be overwhelming, but honey, wealth does not buy beauty! As I said in “Fashion Magazines are POISON!”; you already are beautiful! Go Forth And Be Confident!